Also known as Search Engine Optimisation. In general terms you need to put as much keyword information into your website related to the area of interest. Eg. the company Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy needs to include key words such as mobile, roadworthy, Brisbane, roadworthy certificate, safety certificate, car, auto and locations within Brisbane. That way when people search for those keywords your website will be listed near the top of Google or Bing. A good way to do this is to make sure to add description of Title, Caption and Alt for images.


I have been a tutor since the age of 16. I trained as a primary school teacher and  tutored whilst I was studying. Later I tutored teenagers in Maths and English and adult clients in computers and publishing. When I make a website for a client I give them the option of learning how to operate the site after it is installed and published. I have a knack with most things electronic especially phones, tablets and computers. Contact me today

Web Design and Development

If you have a business,  product or service then you definitely you need a website. More importantly than that, it needs to be mobile-friendly and dynamic, with a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress which allows you to update it if you wish. Choose from thousands of amazing themes available for WordPress at

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Socia Media and Digital Marketing is so important now that people are using not only their web browsers and google to find content. Your potential clients or customers are now spending hours on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and you need to be there too. I can help you raise awareness of your brand with digital marketing promotions.


My husband and I provide copywriting services. Whether you need a blog entry to attract attention, you need help re-writing your content or just spell-check and proofreading. We also write content for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and create online promotions for your business, product or service.


Whether it is a headshot for your website or social media account, a photo of your product or a look book for your fashion house – we can help you. We partner with other photographers where needed and have expertise in the digital darkroom with the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Put your best foot forward with quality photography and make a good first impression.





Website Development

$500Per install
$500Per install
  • Websites start at $500 per installation which includes domain name (2 years), hosting, private registration, security certificate, installation of Wordpress, installation of theme of your choice (costs apply based on theme) and hosting of the site for one year. It also includes as many email addresses as you require.
    Private registration helps to keep spammers from emailing you about website services and dodgy renewal letters.

Hourly Rate

$50Per hour
$50Per hour
  • I work as a Freelance website designer, developer and photographer. You can hire me from $35 an hour to update an existing site or work on coding your stylesheet or other task.

Social Media

$50Per month
$50Per month
  • Your customers and clients spend hours a day on social media. Social Media Marketing can draw your target audience to your website for conversions from views to sales. I will help you develop a strategy to promote your brand and products or services.
    Running a competition is a great way to increase brand, product or service awareness. I can help you get started or do it on a continuous basis.



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