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Graduated with a Bachelor of Education
(Information Technology and Communication)
at UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia

Went to Lake Illawarra High School


Went to Warilla High School


But BEGA is famous for Bega

Barbara Hazelgrove was the face of the Bega Cheese advertisement. She received $400, some cheese and lunch and was very ‘chuffed’. The advertisement shows people and referencing that their town isn’t famous for what it’s called, but Bega is famous (for Bega Cheese) “Broome isn’t famous for brooms. Punchbowl isn’t famous for punch bowls. Collector…

Crabnapped! A land hermit crab story

I have some news! I wrote a book about land hermit crabs for kids. It’s called “Crabnapped! A land hermit crab story”. You can pre-order the 28 x 20cm hardcover on my website. “Crabnapped! A land hermit crab story” children’s book I had the help of my great uncle Geoff Pike in coming up with…

Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show

Calming Weighted Blanket All Seasons Bundle

I recently purchased a King Bamboo Weighted Blanket from Calming Blanket, a weighted blanket for people who sleep hot or live in hot climates with cooling glass beads and bamboo wicking. It feels cool to the touch and can be used in summer, which is amazing. I am usually up several times in the night…

Munch & Crunch Generation Urban Garden

Munch & Crunch Generation Urban garden is located at 23 Christina Street Wellington Point Brisbane Queensland Australia. They are running adult and homeschooling sustainability gardening workshops. I take part in their horticultural therapy program for anyone in need including NDIS clients. Bookings by their Facebook page are essential. Recently we harvested some sage, made some lemongrass…

Science Insider sleep experts debunk 15 sleep myths

Science Insider posted an episode of Debunked. November 6, 2021 · Watch these sleep experts debunk 15 sleep myths.